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Elegant Living Room Designs

When we think of the interior design of the house, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the living room designs. Take a look at this collection of interesting living rooms that match the aspirations of modern minds. Whether you need a finishing touch to renovate your home or plan complete home interiors, the ideas in this segment are worth a read.

Elegant Living Room Designs

A Scene of Joys

Despite popular belief that new living room designs should be bright and light, this space is dominated by grey and dark toned color schemes, as well as blue furnishings. This modern living room features a TV unit and cabinets that span the entire length of the wall. It blends in nicely with the wall and serves as a clean backdrop. The unit’s seamless finish visually expands the room and packs a visual punch. Moving away from the traditional white walls and furniture, this living room décor uses minimalist designs with a musical twist. A single blue theme sofa and celebrity style club chairs line the wall, adding interest to the moody space.
This modern living room has an open layout and provides textural variety, which is pleasing to the eyes. Take note of how the rug floor lamps serve as a cozy reading nook. The walls, on the other hand, shine with a grey theme paint scheme. A false ceiling also provides visual stimulation. The room is open, and as a result, the home has plenty of space to amplify the interior scheme and reflect daylight

Positive Energy

This living space is more than just a place to entertain. A splash of color brings life to the room. The plants, lighting, and living-dining partition effortlessly balance the overall statement of this beautiful living space and soften the overall palette. Benefits – The house appears larger than it is, allows in natural light, and promotes green living. Furniture and accessories are made of hardwood MDF and marne ply, and there are numerous decorating ideas for new homeowners and those looking for home improvement design ideas.

Wooden and Modern

Demarcating areas is a great way to make the most of small spaces, and this stylish living space is one such example. Wooden accents and the use of furnishings explore the surface while drawing attention away from the room’s size. Designers add visual interest and draw attention to the walls and living room furniture, giving the space personality. Not only does the space have comfortable seating, but the sectional sofa also serves as a room divider between the dining area and the open kitchen.

The Healthy Way of Life

This long room begins with a sitting area that includes a custom TV unit, a sofa set with a throw pillow, and a coffee table. The glass doors in this area create a clear separation from the dining room. Warm lighting in this space provides a delicious contrast to the custom-made furniture’s browns. LED ceiling lights flanking the L-shaped sofa add warmth to the space.
This living room’s walls are painted in a yellow color scheme. The living room is decorated in top art deco style. Wallpaper, as well as the artistic bust on the coffee table, add gravitas to the living room. The pendant lights in the corner, which create the perfect backdrop to the warm color palette in the foreground, are one of my favorites in this living room.

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