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Posted by admin on September 15, 2022
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“Home is where our story begins…”
“Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams.”

Let us discuss some points regarding the cost cutting of building a home

1. Proper planning

Every project needs proper planning and systematic execution . If you don’t make a strong
and solid plan, then it won’t be possible for you to execute the whole constructions within your budget. Take an opinion from your family members and friends who will provide you with all the ideas according to your budget. It will helps you to figure out the forthcoming problems in your venture.

2. Choose your plot bravely

The best soil for constructing a house is a combination of silt, sand, and clay. These type of soil is called loam. Loam generally does not shift, expand, or shrink excessively and handles the presence of water very well.

The square feet of your house always matters. Reduce the area of your whole construction if possible. For a nuclear family with only three members just need three bedrooms, if you are really looking for cost cutting ,then choose your square feet wisely, that can help you in a tremendous way in cost cutting.

3. Always choose an experienced contractor.

An experienced contractor can helps you not only in cost cutting but he can also helps you find the most reliable building materials. In Kerala the cost of construction varies as per your bargaining power. It can lower till 750 rs per sq ft to 4000 rs per sq ft according to the contractors and their working strategy. So always try to find a local but experienced builders in your area to get at low cost.

4. Find a reputed and well known Supplier

A good and experienced supplier can helps you with reliable and long lasting materials for your building. They can also helps you with good cost cutting materials , so always reach to a reputed supplier.

5. Buy accessories from authorized vendor

You need to purchase several accessories like electric wirings, switchboards, kitchen and bathroom fittings, glass panels, etc. It would be a wise decision for you if you purchase all these things from a dealer or a hub instead of purchasing them from a small retailer. Therefore the dealer will provide you with some discounts on such products and in this way, your budget will be reduced.

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6. How many rooms we need actually?

A small family do not need a luxury home, if they are really looking for cost cutting. Therefore always think of our needs first, then execute. As we stated above, a nuclear family like three members only need three bed rooms. If there is an extra member or guests often come to your house,
then another room can be included.

nuclear family

7. Always try to use cost effective materials { Use alternatives }

Wooden finishing like doors and windows and all interior wooden works uplift the looks of our house but always remember woods are expensive. We can decrease the budget tremendously by replacing wooden materials with it’s alternatives likes UPVC ,steel .etc. Wooden doors and windows will not only uplift the look of your house but they also give the highest security to the house , but always remember
what to choose ,if you are really running after cost cutting. You can go for less costly woods for inside doors and windows and can use grills and collapsible gates for the outside.

8. Try to avoid Pavement Tiles

These pavement tiles are just a symbol of status . Most of the people in Kerala often prefer expensive pavement tiles throughout the front yard. These tiles are only beautiful elements which don’t have any use. Rather these tiles are harmful to the environment as well as the ground water levels.
These tiles restrict water to seep back into the earth and in this way, more heat is generated. So, by discarding pavement tiles you can not only save money but also make a good impact on the environment.

pavement tiles

9. Use electrical appliances wisely {use LED lights}

LED lights will make your rooms more spacious and keep the heat low. Moreover, they are affordable and don’t require much maintenance costs and also minimize your electricity bill enormously.

10. Collect building materials from an old or demolished site if available

Find some building materials from any demolished house or old house that meets the requirement of your new house. These materials can be collected at a reasonable price.

11. Try to avoid beams and pergolas as much as possible

Now a days people prefer to add beams and pergolas in their designs .That will add some highlight and looks to the houses but on the other side it can enhance the overall cost of the production. Moreover its just a symbol of luxury. We can construct a good looking home without having huge pillars or pergolas.

     The best approach to cost cutting is to use these techniques on every step of  your construction project.

Editor : Jubin Raju Mathew

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