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Panchasiras Sthapanam

Posted by admin on August 11, 2015
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Dear friend,

The word Panchasiras Sthapanam causes much confusion in the minds of people. In a previous post, we had discussed the present subject briefly. Here I wish to discuss Panchasiras Sthapanamin detail.

In the above picture, the rounded points are marmam in Vasthumandalam.When we construct a house in this Vasthumandalam, there are many possibile ways to fix the walls and pillars of the house in this marmam. The construction of a wall or pillar over this marmam in called MarmapeedaMarmapeedacauses some problems to those who dwell in the house. The great bookViswakarma Prakasika gives us an awareness of these problems. The book says that marmapeeda can create problems such as abortion, chronic disease, fear, stomach complaints, etc.

The solution to these problems is Panchasiras Sthapanam. Manushalaya Bhasha, another book of vasthu, gives us a detailed explanation of Panchasiras Sthapanam. Pancha Siras (panch = five, siras = head) refers to the heads of five animals. These heads are cast in gold. The animals are: tortoise, elephant, buffalo, lion and pig. Panchasiras Sthapanam is actually a tantric process.

The steps in the process are as follows:

  1. Make a small box out of sandal wood and place the head of the

tortoise in its centre and facing the east. In the same box, the elephant-head is placed in the east side and facing east, the buffalo-head in the south side and facing south, the lion-head in the west side and facing west and the pig’s head in the north side and facing north. Then make a pit in the centre of the house and place the box of panchasiras inside it.

  1. Make a small pit in the north-east side of the house and place the box of panchasiras in it.
  1. (a) Make five small pits: in the centre, East, South, West and North sides within the house.

(b) Place a box with head of tortoise made of gold in the central pit, the head facing east; a box with a golden head of elephant in the pit in the east side of the house, the head facing east; a box with the golden head of a buffalo in the south side of the house, with the head facing south; the lion’s golden head in the west of the house, head facing west and the golden head of a pig in the north side of the house with the head facing north.

  1. Place the box (same as Type One) with the Panchasiras, beneath the right side of the front door-frame of the house.
  1. Finally, place  the box with Panchasiras in the centre of courtyard ofNalukettu.

In the next post, we shall discuss the concept of Kannimoola in Vasthu Vidya.

Yours lovingly,

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