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While “modern” interior can be perceived as cold and minimalist, contemporary interiors in today’s homes are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered or dark. Offices and stores, loft apartments, and traditional homes all feature modern design

Colors OF Decoration

Neutrals, black, and white are the primary colours used in contemporary interior design. Black is frequently used to anchor and define a modern-style room. Bright and bold colours that contrast with neutrals are frequently used to punch up and accent the palette. Walls painted in a basic neutral provide an excellent backdrop for brightly coloured accessories. Trims should be neutral if the walls and windows are pastel. If a wall is a bright, bold colour, use neutrals everywhere else.

Line and Space

The line is the most noticeable and distinctive feature of modern interior design. Any contemporary-style home will have strong visible lines, whether they are straight vertical or horizontal lines or curved shapes. The line can be seen in architectural details, the use of bold colour blocks, high ceilings, bare windows, and geometric shapes in wall art and sculpture.
The bare space on the walls, between furniture, and above in upper areas becomes as important as the areas filled with objects. In today’s interior design, less is more. Each piece is unique.
Make the most of structural elements. Exposed plumbing pipes and broken bricks add texture and stability to a modern-style interior. Paint these structural details in contrasting colours or blend them into the walls to draw attention to them.

Style of Furniture

With no curves or decorations, furniture should make a bold statement while remaining simple and uncluttered. Geometric shapes that are smooth and clean are essential. Upholstered furniture is frequently dressed in black, white, or other neutral tones, with natural fibres like wool, cotton, linen, silk, and jute used to add textural interest. Pillows in simple geometric shapes add colour and texture.
Make a statement with your favourite colour on a standout piece of furniture against a neutral background. More is less! Exposed legs are common on sofas, chairs, and ottomans. Beds and chairs typically lack skirts, trims, fringes, and tassels. Ruffles, carved details, fringe, and floral prints should be avoided. Substitute basic, bare, bold, and structural for cute and small.

Decorations of Floor

Modern homes should have bare, smooth floors made of wood, tile, or vinyl. If you need carpet for sound control or warmth, go with commercial grade carpet. Area rugs with plain or geometric patterns add colour and texture.

Artistic Lighting

Track lighting and recessed lighting help to illuminate a wall. Consider installing cove lighting or indirect lighting during home renovations or new construction. Include colour and metallic elements in the light fixtures.
Focus spotlights or can lighting on a painting, poster, or print. These will help to draw the eye to the pieces you want to highlight. Contemporary sculptures or framed art can be displayed at eye level by mounting them on a structural column or pedestal.
For artwork, high-gloss or matte black frames, natural wood, or metal finishes are ideal. If you must combine several pieces, hang them close together to create the illusion of a single large piece. Don’t overcrowd modern-style rooms with collections or multiple pieces. In modern interiors, open space is often as important as the furniture.

Other factors

In a modern-styled room, metal, stone, and opaque or clear glass work well. Use heavily textured fabrics in plain colours for window treatments, pillows, or rugs to soften and warm up the space.
Colorful, fussy prints should be avoided because they confuse the plain space that is essential in a contemporary-style home. Two-tone prints are effective. Consider a zebra-print pillow on a black leather chair, a large leopard-print pillow thrown on a plain floor, or a bold, heavily textured striped rug to anchor solid-colored, sleek furniture.
Plants and flowers in modern rooms should be large and dramatic in simple containers. Small arrangements outperform large blooms with interesting foliage. If available, place upward-facing lights around a large plant on the floor. Arrange rocks or bark chips over the soil in the pots to keep the arrangements looking neat.
Maintain current dinnerware as well. There are numerous geometric shapes, vibrant colours, and intriguing styles to choose from. Use silverware, napkins, placemats, and centrepieces to add texture.

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