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Kerala Style Interior Design Ideas

A harmonious combination of traditional Kerala-style elements in your modern home will enhance its overall charm and appeal. And, of course, add to the space’s aesthetics. Even though everyone wants to emulate traditional Kerala interior design, everyone’s definition of “THE BEST” differs. Making a vintage-inspired home is simple. Let us go deeper into each tip to learn more about it.

Open and Ventilated Spaces

Open and airy traditional Kerala-style houses Kerala experiences heavy rainfall, which, combined with the coastal climate, can encourage fungus growth. There should be plenty of room for fresh air and ventilation to keep fungus at bay. Having open space and good provisions for natural air to come in is thus one of the most important factors to consider.

Use of Wood

Wood is used almost everywhere in traditional home architecture. Everything from wardrobes to wall hangings with impressive carvings; large mirrors with artistic wooden frames; traditional wooden chairs; wooden tables, sofas, and dining essentials – all speak of traditional elegance that has a huge ability to impress. Designers of traditional interiors. Use our floor mat buying guide to find the best floor mats for your business. There are numerous choices. Let’s talk about the floor mats.

Central Courtyards

Central Courtyards (Nadumuttam) enhances the look of a home. It appears to be fantastic. Plants can be used to give the nadumuttam life. Put a small fish pond against a wall or in the centre of the room. The nadumuttam is made more inviting by lighting it.

Wall Paintings

Large, attractive, and eye-catching wall paintings help to fill empty space in interiors and draw visitors’ attention. Choosing one-of-a-kind and eye-catching wall paintings can improve the appearance of your home’s interiors. Choose a colour scheme that contrasts or complements the rest of the room.

Traditional Entrance Doors

Traditionally, front doors were designed to make a good first impression. Replace your front door with a hand-carved custom-designed teak or rosewood front door to carry on the tradition. To add a beautiful traditional touch to your modern interiors, create a similar design for the entrance to your pooja room.


Your house can reveal a lot about your personality. Nowadays, no one wants their dream home to be a carbon copy of others. Space Interior Ideas can assist you. Our designers work hard to make your vision a reality.

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