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The features of contemporary interior design are difficult to pinpoint and define. This is largely due to the fluidity of contemporary fashion. The characteristics of contemporary style evolve in response to interior design trends.
However, there are certain characteristics that define the essence of contemporary design. Through this blog, we examine some of the most important aspects of contemporary interior design

Contemporary Design Features

Colors and Fabrics

According to Features of Contemporary Design, Colors for a modern interior should be neutral. To complement the interiors, the walls are typically painted in neutral colours, and modern artwork is added. White, taupe, brown, and beige are the most popular neutral colours for furnishing walls, carpets, rugs, and tables.


Less is more, according to modern design. Clean lines and smooth surfaces characterise modern interior design furniture. Heavy furniture is avoided in traditional interior design styles. The furniture fabrics are also smooth and natural in appearance.


Lighting is crucial in the design of a contemporary interior. Lamps, pendants, and track lighting are among the most popular contemporary interior design options. This is frequently combined with clean lines to provide uniform lighting.

Metal accent

Various metals are frequently used in the design of accent accessories. Stainless steel, nickel, and chrome are popular metals. Metal accents are popular in kitchen design. This adds to the sleek and clean look. Metals are also used to create lamps.

Contemporary interior design is one of several interior design styles that vary in style, appearance, and function. The characteristics of contemporary design are changing in tandem with interior design trends.. KMHP Marketing REALTORS is the most adventurous and ambitious venture to provide the best architectural design consultancy online. We strive to produce the best house plans and designs and detail them well. You can find the best architects, designers and contractors in Kerala.

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