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“modern Kerala home design”

Kerala Modern Home Design. Visit. Save. More in this vein. The “Wulfert Point” house plan by Sater Design is one of our collection of Mediterranean house plans. Mediterranean.

Kerala, known as “God’s own country”, is renowned for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in creating modern Kerala homes that blend traditional elements with contemporary design. If you’re planning to build a modern Kerala home, here are some ideas to consider:

Ideas for building a modern Kerala home


The courtyard is a hallmark of traditional Kerala homes and can be incorporated into a modern design. A courtyard can offer natural lighting and ventilation, as well as a place for outdoor activities or a place for family and friends to congregate.


Kerala is famous for its intricate woodwork, and incorporating traditional woodwork into a modern home can create a unique blend of old and new. Consider using traditional woodcarvings on doors, windows, and furniture to add character to your home.


The sloping roof is a characteristic feature of Kerala architecture, and it can be adapted to a modern design. Consider using a sloping roof with modern materials such as metal or concrete to create a contemporary look that still pays homage to tradition.


Kerala is known for its vibrant colors, and incorporating these colors into your modern home can create a lively and inviting atmosphere. Consider using shades of red, green, and yellow for accent walls or in decorative elements.


The verandah is another traditional feature of Kerala homes, and it can be incorporated into a modern design to create an indoor-outdoor living space. Consider using a covered verandah that opens onto a courtyard or garden to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.


While traditional Kerala homes are known for their intricate designs, a modern Kerala home can embrace minimalism. Consider using simple lines and clean shapes in your design to create a contemporary feel while still incorporating traditional elements.


Kerala is known for its lush greenery, and incorporating plants and trees into your home can create a sense of natural beauty and tranquility. Consider using indoor plants or creating a garden space in your courtyard or verandah.

In conclusion, creating a modern Kerala home is about blending traditional elements with contemporary design to create a unique and inviting living space. By incorporating courtyards, woodwork, sloping roofs, vibrant colors, verandahs, minimalism, and greenery, you can create a home that pays homa犀利士 ge to Kerala’s rich cultural heritage while embracing modern design.

Adil Hussain

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