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Vastu for Apartment/Flat

Posted by admin on August 11, 2015
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Before purchasing a flat or apartment some basic things must be considered to make things going right. Vastu recommend some essentialtips regarding construction and direction of flat or apartment while if you are interested in existing flat then Vastu offers rules regarding existing flat as well.

There are some best permissible directions in which mirror can be placed without a hitch to avoid any mishappenings in the relationships and behaviour. Placement of mirror should be in accordance with Vastu norms to reap the goodbenefits. Here are some essential tips & norms attached to the placement of mirror or glass: Vastu for Apartment/Flat

Vastu for Apartment/Flat

  • Construct or choose a flat/apartment having entrance in North, East or North-west. Avoid main door inSouth, South-west or South-east.
  • Avoid purchasing flats with cuts inNorth-east or South-east direction.
  • Drainage pipes should have their way in West, North or North-west.
  • Slope of balcony should be towards the East or North.
  • Check out the North-east corner of flat as this portion must be converted into worship room or left open.
  • Kitchen should be in the South-east direction.
  • Check or construct over-head tank in South-west and underwater tank in North-east.

No Vastu for Apartment/Flat can be completelyVastu compliant as there are many faults and defects in every plot. However these faults whether in a newly buy plot or existing flat can be corrected with measures andremedies.

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