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Posted by admin on September 24, 2022
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Modern architecture can be displayed in a contemporary house design, but the terms “contemporary house plans” and “modern house plans” are not interchangeable. One style of architecture that is currently in vogue is modern, which frequently has simple, unadorned structures and monochromatic color schemes.

On the other hand, modern house plans combine many styles of architecture that are popular right now (which may or may not include modern architecture). For instance, a modern open floor plan with the master bedroom on the main level might be featured in a contemporary home design together with a traditional exterior with Craftsman details.

Open floor plans, huge windows that help with indoor/outdoor flow and energy efficiency, and airy outdoor living spaces are aspects that are frequently emphasized
in both modern and contemporary house designs.


If you wish to modernize your home, you can incorporate some of the general elements of contemporary design. Here are a few crucial considerations:

LIGHT TREATMENT : Modern architecture emphasizes and celebrates light, both natural and artificial.
This entails allowing in as much light as you can, especially through structural components like big windows and skylights.

COLOR TREATMENT : A contemporary home is dominated by the colors black, white, and neutrals. There is a place for color, but it usually serves as an accent rather than the dominant hue in a space.
Use black, white, and neutral colors like beige, taupe, and muted, earthy blues and greens as your major colors to balance out color throughout your home.

These colors will ground the room and give it a contemporary vibe. From there, you can add splashes of color with accessories, artwork, and other modest but significant details.

FLOORING : Clean lines and smooth textures are key components of the contemporary home, and your flooring choice should reflect this. Rugs are commonly used in place of carpets to soften specific
areas without overwhelming them with texture.

Popular choices include wood, wood-styled vinyl, and laminate. Porcelain and terracotta ceramic tiles should be avoided as they will look antiquated in this type of house.

STYLISH DECOR : While clutter is not a significant part of contemporary home design, balanced, well-planned décor pieces have their place.

This implies that current interior design changes throughout time whereas traditional designs stay faithful to their historical components, in addition to including things that are in style now rather than in the past.

Editor: Jubin Raju Mathew

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