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Vasthukam The Organic Architects

Posted by admin on May 30, 2021
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started by Mr P K Sreenivasan, is under the pursuit of bringing back the green earth. He had his greatest building experiences while working under the master craftsman and the chief architect of Cost Ford, Mr Laurie Baker. That was the beginning of his journey seeking the answer how far a building can be cost-effective and eco-friendly fulfilling the dreams of layman.

He was one of the main engineers who brought forward the exposed laterite buildings in the year 1992. But still he was concentrating on the importance of making a house more eco-friendly and greener by experimenting with other natural materials.

The concept of eco-friendly begins with our understanding of its relation with space allocation. How much of space do we use up to make our building, how many resources do we exploit and how much energy is consumed all led up to this answer. Like Gandhi ji said:

“The earth has enough to satisfy every man’s need but not his greed”.


It was Vasthukam which reinvented the technique of smooth plastering of the walls using mud. This technique helps to reduce the use of 50% of sand that is needed while plastering the walls. This technique also helps to avoid painting the walls and the unhealthy consequences of breathing toxins.

The proud owners of mud houses repeatedly assure that they simply could not resist the rich feel and smoothness of their walls. Needless to say, the unpolluted mud walls plastered with smoothened mud is ever hugging and its texture is tempting. Those who visit the mud houses designed by Vasthukam are struck by the smoothness of the mud walls which cannot be ignored. These natural walls create a fresh aura in the spaces.

“The walls of different mud houses are in different shades from deep red, soft yellow, yellow ochre, chrome yellow, muted brownish gold to many other colour variants such as greyish white, pink etc.” And we render the wall with various textures, motifs and impressions” says the proud engineer.

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