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Vastu Shastra – Basic Standards

Posted by admin on October 26, 2022
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Vastu Shastra Basic Standards

Vastu guidelines in Vastu Shastra govern the construction of houses and the general ones are as follows. Vastu Architecture was developed to ensure that humans live in harmony with their environment and themselves.

  • Drill a well in the north-east corner of your house and use ground water from this source to build the building if at all possible. This has the ability to bring you a great deal of luck. Look for wells in the southwest quadrants. This might be a serious problem that brings you and your family a lot of bad luck.
  • Open space: A house is only fortunate if it is surrounded by open space. This is the only way to ensure proper air circulation throughout the building. This is a key aspect of how Vastu and architecture encourage healthy life. The open space should be larger in the east, where the sun rises, and smaller in the west. Check that the free space in the north-west and south-east is the same.
  • Some people believe that one should not build a house in the shade of a tree. This is incorrect, as Vastu Shastra makes no mention of building homes under trees.As a result, you may grow trees in practically any direction of the home. However, heavy and large trees should be placed to the south, west, and south-west of the home. Plant the smaller plants, saplings, and creepers toward the north, east, and north-east. This is to ensure that the large trees do not impede the light or air entering the house from this direction.
  • Build a house in the south and west: Because the south and west directions are often higher than the north and east directions, it would be advantageous for you to build your home in this corner. According to Vastu and architecture, if the home is built on this side, there would be fewer chances of arguing, quarrelling, financial issues, and so on.
  • Vastu architecture is the concept of designing homes in such a manner that they attract all positive energies. It is not a belief that encourages house poojas. You’ve probably heard of Vastu puja, but it’s not a genuine thing. This is a science, and you do not need to do a puja for it to function.
  • Obtaining antique homes: The first thing you should do after purchasing an antique home is to paint it. It would be wonderful if you could paint the house yourself or at the very least help with the painting.
  • . If the southern section of your house is larger or taller than the northern portion, the plot is very lucky. In this scenario, you may surely build the house on the southern side to maximise the good energy from the southern side.
  • Make certain that there are no windows on the Vastu house’s south-western side. This will draw negative energy and lead others to see bad luck whenever they enter the room.
  • When excavating for the foundation, start from the east, work your way north, then west, and finally southwest.
  • There should be no doors in the southwest corners or parts of the home. The doors should face north or east. Doors should also be opened from the inside rather than the outside. When the door opens from the inside, it represents the invitation of popular forces and good energy. The door opening outside, on the other hand, would be harmful to the good energy, forcing it away.
  • Filling the foundation: Begin pouring the concrete in the south west first, then the south, west, east, then north.
  • Flooring heights: When installing tiles, begin in the north and work your way south. Then, proceed from east to west.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra Basic Standards

All of these Vastu ideas have been employed to ensure that the home embodies all of the glorious aspects of the universe. Vastu and architecture are two ideas that integrate thousands of years of knowledge and experience. This has been known to bring luck and success to many individuals, and it will undoubtedly bring luck and success to you.
The home is a microcosm of the universe, and it must represent the cosmos in order for you to live in a comfortable environment. A Vastu house would surely bring you a lot of luck and cosmic energy.

Vastu Shastra and Renovations

Vastu Shastra Basic Standards

You may purchase a house that has already been built or a house that is genuinely an apartment, in which case you have no control over the foundation or other issues. There are a few steps you might do, such as purchasing an apartment in the flat’s south-western direction, opening the doors to the interior, and so on. Close the doors in the Vastu house’s southwest corner and, if possible, move them.
Alternatively, you might stick to basic notions such as keeping green plants alive or allowing ample natural light in, which do not need as many structural adjustments. Finally, having a Vastu house is not difficult to achieve




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