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Filipino Marriage History

Posted by admin on January 4, 2024
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The custom of Filipino weddings is steeped in culture and history. The service often includes an hour- much Liturgical Mass or spiritual service. Additionally, there are symbolic gestures like the draping of the unification thread, the illumination of wedding candles, and the exchange of coins. The tossing of garlands into their welcome, which is a common practice in many cultures around the world, is also a common practice today for most Filipino lovers.

Before a bridal, the betrothed couple goes through a ritual called pamanhikan. Derived from the word ‘ panhik,’ it entails the gentleman and his home visiting the child and her parents to formally beg for her disadvantages of marrying a filipina hand in marriage. To continue making wedding intentions, the lady and her parents must take the request. Typically, the guys and girls ‘ people does then discuss a dinner together.

During the service, the bride and groom may even change 13 cash, which is known as Arras. This is a pretty symbolic act that represents the couple’s commitment to each other’s properly- being. They may make a commitment to each other and rarely break up with one another in difficult days.

The inclusion of home partners is another very significant component of a Filipino wedding. In northern civilizations, these are the same as “best-man and lady of honour.” The couple did typically include three sponsors who each have their own obligations at the service. For example, one may lighting the marriage candles during the meeting, the other will manage the veil, and the fourth does wrap the rope around the pair.

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