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Posted by admin on September 19, 2022
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Your windows play an important role in keeping your home warm, improving its appearance, and reducing outside noise from entering your home. However, with so many materials to choose from when shopping for a new window, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Among the most popular window materials are uPVC and wood. Wooden windows have been used in homes for many years.
Wooden windows, available in either hardwood or softwood, have outlasted most other window materials. On the other hand, today, uPVC is the most popular material used by homeowners for their windows, mainly due to their low cost and energy-efficiency.

What is uPVC ?

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, also known as uPVC, is a type of engineered plastic. The term “unplasticized” refers to the absence of plasticisers in UPVC, which promote flexibility and reduce brittleness in plastic. uPVC is a hard plastic substance frequently used in windows and doors.
The substance is rust, corrosion, moisture, and mould resistant. Because of this, uPVC windows are a more durable option than timber and aluminium windows.

uPVC window


If you intend to renovate your home, consider installing uPVC windows due to their numerous advantages.

PRICE : If you’re on a tight budget, uPVC is the best option because it’s significantly less expensive than other window materials.

MAINTENANCE : We all want our windows to look their best with the least amount of effort, and an uPVC window provides just that. All that is required to keep them looking brand new is an occasional wipe down. uPVC needs less maintenance compared to wood.

DURABILITY : Another advantage of uPVC windows is their long lifespan. Because uPVC is a non-corrosive material, you don’t have to worry about rot or rust with an uPVC window. Unlike other window materials, uPVC windows do not fade when exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

Despite being available in a variety of colours and styles, uPVC windows can be argued to
lack the same charm and aesthetic look as their wooden or aluminium counterparts. Although uPVC windows are appropriate for modern homes, they would look out of place in a more traditional setting.

Editor : Jubin Raju Mathew

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