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5 Famous Buildings of Contemporary Architecture

Posted by admin on December 14, 2022
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In recent times there have been many advances in architecture and aesthetic concepts. Today people are starting to think about what a building is and what it should look like. Below are some famous contemporary buildings

The Blue Planet, Copenhagen

5 Famous Buildings of Contemporary Architecture

National Aquarium Denmark’s beautiful and distinctive contemporary architecture has taken the world by storm. This unique architectural landmark in Copenhagen has won several major international awards, including the RIBA EU Award and the World Architecture Festival’s Display Award.

Central Library, Seattle

5 Famous Buildings of Contemporary Architecture

The Seattle Public Library was opened in May 2004. The design of the architect ‘s career clinched Rem Koolhaas because it is an impressive building that combines futuristic lines with the functionality of a library.
The Seattle Central Library is one of the most unique and innovative libraries ever constructed. The library’s various sections are organised across five platforms and four “in between” planes, each serving a different function, resulting in a highly intuitive design that gives the building its distinctive faceted shape.

Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

5 Famous Buildings of Contemporary Architecture

The Walt Disney Concert Hall at 111 South Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles, California, is the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center and was designed by Frank Gehry. It was opened on October 24, 2003
Disney Concert Hall is one of the most iconic and divisive structures ever constructed. It took six years to build, 12 years after Frank Gehry submitted his designs.
Despite many delays (it was not planned in 1994), the end result is a stunning piece of architecture that epitomises Gehry’s post-structural aesthetic with its odd mix of geometric shapes and sweeping metallic surfaces.

Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, Baku

5 Famous Buildings of Contemporary Architecture

Zaha Hadid won a competition to design the 57,000-square metre-building in 2007. Its shell is made out of a steel space frame and glass-fibre-reinforced concrete panels, concealing the vertical supports within the walls
The Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, possibly Zaha Hadid’s most iconic structure, may not have a memorable name, but its design is unforgettable. The 619,000-square-foot structure is a fluid, free-flowing marvel that blends into its surroundings organically. The design won the London Design Museum award in 2014, and cemented its designer’s reputation as the ‘Queen of Curves’.

CCTV Headquarters, Beijing

5 Famous Buildings of Contemporary Architecture

Construction on the building, designed by OMA as a reconstruction of the skyscraper, began in 2004. CCTV, which includes TV studios, offices, broadcast and production facilities, is OMA’s largest project to date and its first major building. It is in China.
The building is a trouser-shaped, looped design that houses China Central Television’s (CCTV) TV studios, offices, broadcasting and production facilities. The two 44-story towers are connected by a 75-metre cantilever. OMA’s first major building in China, CCTV Headquarters, is now a prominent feature of the Beijing skyline.

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